Today’s blog will introduce a couple programs aimed to assist seniors and disabled individuals with property taxes. More detailed information on these programs is available here. The two programs are the tax freeze and tax relief programs for property taxes.
Tax Freeze: The tax freeze program is exactly as it sounds. The program will freeze your property tax amount, but not affect the appraised value of your property. If you currently pay $600 in semi-annual taxes, and your appraised value is increasing, the program will freeze your payment and allow it to remain at $600. There are special rules and financial income levels that must be met, but it is an easy way to apply for assistance for ever increasing property appraisals.
Tax Relief: The relief program is designed to reduce the tax burden on seniors, disabled, and disabled veterans in need. The program allows a predetermined amount of your property to be exempt from paying property taxes. The amount varies widely on income level, disability status, age, and municipality, but can also significantly alleviate the tax burden on some individuals who own their homes.
For more information on either of these programs, call 615-862-6330, or visit