Stress and Memory Loss

There is a substantial body of evidence about the effects stress can have on your body, both short term, and long term.  When a person is placed in a stressful situation, there is a biochemical response in the body involving a plethora of hormones, and these hormones can have lasting effect on the body and […]

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The arrival of Autumn

Few seasons have inspired poetry and song as much as Autumn it seems. The crisp morning air, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, the smell of ripening apples and the taste of the fall harvest, all the senses are stimulated with the arrival of Autumn.That time of year […]

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Revive, Refresh, Recharge: Self-Care Essentials Every Caregiver Deserves

Contributed by Sharon Wagner

Embarking on the caregiving journey is akin to navigating a ship through uncharted waters. While the role is noble and rewarding, the challenges can quickly mount, leading to burnout. This guide from Centennial Adultcare Center offers essential self-care techniques for caregivers. By internalizing these strategies, caregivers can stay replenished and offer their […]

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Staying Healthy

Fall is not far off, and coming soon after it is flu season and cold weather! Let’s take a moment to remind everyone on some simple and easy ways to remain healthy this year!
1. Stay hydrated! It is very important to drink plenty of water each day. It is recommended to drink at least 6-8 […]

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