Pain and Dementia

[quote_right]Irrespective of degree of cognitive impairment, the impact of untreated pain in older people can be devastating.[/quote_right]Pain in people with dementia is a critical public health problem. As the population of older adults’ increases, hospital nurses are more likely to encounter patients with dementia admitted for acute and often painful conditions. Indeed, nearly 50% of [...]

Social Isolation and Risk of Death

​It is an all too familiar story. "When Mom passed, we had Dad move in with us so we could be closer to him, and help take care of him. We both work during the day, but he enjoyed the peace and quiet at home. I don’t know how it happened; everything seemed to slip [...]

Supporting a Loved One After a Loss

Losing a spouse is a deeply emotional and challenging experience, particularly for individuals who have shared many years together. As a caring family member or friend, you can play a crucial role in helping them navigate this difficult journey. In this guide from Centennial Adultcare Center, we will explore practical ways to support your loved [...]

Insomnia and Adults

Whether it is yourself or a loved one, insomnia has a detrimental effect on all those around it. Recent published research has shown as much as 50% of individuals over the age of 65 battles with insomnia on a nightly basis. Normal signs of insomnia include: taking a long time to fall asleep, frequently waking [...]