It seems summer arrived a bit early this year, and we are all enjoying the outdoors more and more. Here are a few things to remember as we spend more time outdoors this season.

Remain Hydrated: Bring a bottle of water wherever you go

Wear comfortable well-fitting shoes, preferably with a non-slip sole

Make sure walkways around your home are well lit and free from debris

Minimize the amount of cash and valuable you carry in case of loss or theft

When using public transportation, sit near the front, or the exit

When travelling out of town, notify a close friend, neighbor, or the police to watch the house for unusual activity. Also, place mail and papers on hold

Make sure you are up to date on all vaccinations and physician appointments

By following some of these tips, it is easy to minimize the risk of adverse and unplanned events while outside the home this season. Be careful and well-prepared at all times!

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