Springtime is finally coming . . . . I hope!
Of course, along with the arrival of spring, come the pollen and all the other environmental allergens that can result in a runny nose, redden the eyes, scratchy throat, and so on.
So, be vigilant! A scratchy throat can often be helped by increasing fluid intake or a sugar free mint. There are countless over the counter eye drops that will alleviate dry, itchy, or red eyes. Even plain saline drops help the eyes feel better.
For more serious allergy problems, there are allergy specialists, as well as ear, nose, and throat doctors (ENT’s) for specific testing and treatment options. Many of the treatments begin with a saline wash of the nasal passage once or twice each day. Such washes are over the counter products available at most Wal-Marts, CVSs, Walgreens, etc, and give relief to minor sinus drainage issues. For more extensive treatment options please consult a physician.
For most of us, allergies are a small price to pay to usher in the spring and summer weather!