Contributed by: Sharon Wagner

Aging adults have many healthcare needs. These stem from a changing body and the natural effects of age over time.  But, despite the changes you’re experiencing, there are things that you can do to keep yourself well from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

Centennial Adultcare Center shares today’s brief post for adults looking for ways to keep their health in check.

Get enough sleep.

As you get older, your nighttime habits may begin to change. Iit might take you longer to go to sleep, or you may wake up more often. Look for ways to combat sleepless nights. One idea is to change up your bedroom. Start with a beautiful, long-lasting custom bed set, which you can find online. You can choose designs by talented artists, and since you’re printing on demand, you won’t have to wait for your pillows, sheets, or duvet to be in stock. Style aside, choose cotton bedding, which is typically the best for healthful sleep.

Practice gratitude.

Practicing gratitude simply means showing that you are thankful for the people and things in your life. According to the Happier Human blog, showing gratitude can also improve your blood pressure and relieve certain types of pain. A fun way to express your thankfulness is to create a custom card. You can use an online design tool to add your favorite photos, and then generate a unique token of your heartfelt thanks using your own words.

Maintain social connections.

Humans are social creatures, there is no doubt about that. By staying socially active and maintaining your friendships, you’ll foster connections with individuals who can stave off loneliness, keep you motivated, and help you advocate for your health when you need a helping hand.

Keep your mind active.

Keeping your mind active is crucial as a senior. Engage in mentally stimulating activities, such as playing memory games, learning new skills, reading, or solving puzzles. If you find it harder to do things, like crossword puzzles, look for large print options that can compensate for waning eyesight.

Get regular checkups.

As an aging adult, having a relationship with your healthcare providers is more important than ever. Make sure that you visit your doctors and other caregivers for preventative screenings, annual vaccines, and more. By visiting your doctor on a regular schedule, they can establish a baseline of your health and identify potential issues early on. In doing so, you’ll have a better chance of getting ahead of a small problem before it becomes a big health concern. Oak St. Health explains that a few common health screenings for older adults include diabetes, cholesterol, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer.

Eat right.

Eating well is important at any age, but, unfortunately, many adults forgo healthful foods for reasons that relate to mobility, budget, or manual dexterity. If you no longer drive, consider having your food delivered, which the Food Smart blog explains can help you enjoy healthier foods without having to leave your home.

While you may already be feeling the effects of age, there are ways that you can combat some of its side effects. Stay healthy each day by getting enough sleep, showing gratitude, eating well, and following the other tips in today’s blog. While this is not a full list of ways that you can treat yourself right, it’s a great start that can help you regain and maintain control over your wellness at any age.

Centennial Adultcare Center offers adult day health care and home care services for those looking for support in order to age in place!