Your loved one may qualify for financial assistance for our services:

VA: Visit the VA website  –  for a summary; veteran must be eligible for VA benefits.  If your loved one is already receiving primary care from the VA, proceed to step 2. If your loved one is a veteran, but not utilizing the VA as a primary care provider;

1) Call the VA at 327-4751 to set up an appointment with the primary care clinic. If over 80, request an appointment at the Geriatric Care Clinic for sooner appointments.

2) At the appointment, request a referral from your VA physician for Home and Community Based Long Term Care Services, specifically Adult Day Health Care or In-Home Care (maximum 5 hours per week of In-Home Services) through the Geriatrics Extended Care (GEC) program.

3) Inform the VA care team you want to use Centennial Adultcare Center as your provider for Adult Day Health Care and/or In-Home Services.

4) After your appointment, provide Centennial Adultcare Center with the information to follow-up with the VA. When the authorization from the VA is received or pending,  set up an appointment with Centennial Adultcare Center to fill out the enrollment paperwork and arrange the schedule for services to begin.

Medicaid/TennCare: Medicaid/TennCare is a state run program to provide health care through the TennCare program. It is an income and asset based program, and more information can be found here. Enrollment is through the Department of Human Services, and intake is initiated by calling 255-1010.

1) Call 255-1010 and ask to speak to someone regarding enrolling and qualifications for Medicaid, or visit for preliminary information regarding eligibility.

2) Fill out necessary forms for qualification.

3) When approved for TennCare financially, an assessment will be conducted by TennCare to determine what services are medically justified. Request for inclusion in the Long Term Care CHOICES program. This will then be turned over to one of the Managed Care Organizations (United Health Care, Amerigroup/Wellpoint, Volunteer State Health Plan).

4) A care coordinator will be assigned by the MCO to further asses the need for services. Request Centennial Adultcare Center as your provider for Adult day Health Care and/or In-Home services.

5) Follow-up with Centennial Adultcare Center with information on approved services and coordinator contact information. Then schedule an appointment for enrollment paperwork and arrange schedule for services.

GNRC: GNRC is the Greater Nashville Regional Council, Area Agency on Ageing and Disability. It administers the State of Tennessee OPTIONS program, the Family Caregiver Support Program, and other assistance programs, as well as serving as the entry point for Medicaid/TennCare. Most GNRC programs are income neutral and will assist with payment for Adult Day Health Care services and In-Home care if you do not qualify for TennCare or Veterans benefits. Call GNRC at 255-1010 and explain your situation and needs and they will schedule a home visit to determine what services you may qualify for. Request Centennial Adultcare Center as the service provider and follow-up with Centennial Adultcare Center to coordinate and schedule services. For more information, visit

Private Pay: Call us and get started today!

Long-Term Care Insurance: Services must be requested by insured and pre-approved by provider. Often member must pay in advance and be reimbursed by insurance provider directly. Call us for more information, and contact you insurance provider for qualifications. We will happily provide the insurer with all necessary documentation required for prompt service initiation and reimbursement.

Door to Door transportation may be provided by the Metro Transit Authority.

Access Ride: Download and fill out application. Call to schedule in person interview and physical assessment at MTA. Bring application to interview. Approval letter to follow in 1-2 weeks. Schedule pick-up and drop off times with Centennial Adultcare Center’s assistance. For more information, visit their website.