Why a “Jack-O-Lantern”?

One of the many legends associated with the origin of the term jack-o-lantern is the legend of Stingy Jack, and old Irish folk tale.

As the story goes, several centuries ago amongst the myriad of towns and villages in Ireland, there lived a drunkard known as “Stingy Jack”. Jack was known throughout the land as a […]

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Tips for visiting a person with dementia

I am borrowing this article from although it originally appeared on
There are some fantastic point made here, and it comes as many of us are travelling for the holidays. Feel free to contact us here, or call us at 615-393-3399 for more questions on caring for loved ones with dementia.

Many people simply don’t know […]

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Tennessee and Davidson County Property Tax Assistance Programs

Today’s blog will introduce a couple programs aimed to assist seniors and disabled individuals with property taxes. More detailed information on these programs is available here. The two programs are the tax freeze and tax relief programs for property taxes.
Tax Freeze: The tax freeze program is exactly as it sounds. The program will freeze your […]

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The arrival of Autumn

Few seasons have inspired poetry and song as much as Autumn it seems. The crisp morning air, the changing colors of the leaves on the trees, the smell of ripening apples and the taste of the fall harvest, all the senses are stimulated with the arrival of Autumn.That time of year […]

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