Long Term Care Choices

For today’s aging population it is important to be informed about the options for Long-Term Care. In general, “Long-Term Care” is defined as helping individuals, of any age, with their medical or daily needs, over an extended period of time. Long-Term Care can be provided in various types of institutional facilities, in the community, or […]

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Stress and Memory Loss

There is a substantial body of evidence about the effects stress can have on your body, both short term, and long term.  When a person is placed in a stressful situation, there is a biochemical response in the body involving a plethora of hormones, and these hormones can have lasting effect on the body and […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

From the staff at Centennial Adultcare Center, we would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving later this week! We hope everyone can enjoy some time with friends and family, and eat their fill!

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The Key Features That Older Home Buyers Should Look For in a New Home

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As we get older, we tend to want to find a place to live where we can be at ease and enjoy our later years with our loved ones and grandchildren. If you are looking for a new home then it is important to have a strategy and to research all of your […]

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