The Importance of Adult Vaccines

The importance and significance of preventative medicine is vastly misunderstood. Although it may seem like an inconvenience, or be unimportant, the pain, time, energy, money, and even life that a simple vaccine can save should alone prompt an individual to stay up to date on immunizations.Many debilitating diseases can be truncated, altered, or even prevented […]

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How To Utilize Technology to Improve Your Wellness

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Technology comes in many forms, and it’s become highly beneficial to people of all ages when it comes to learning, safety, and overall health. From smartwatches that track blood pressure to smartphone apps […]

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Happy Labor Day

From all of us at Centennial Adultcare Centers, have a happy and safe Labor Day!

We hope that you are able to spend some quality time with your loved ones today!

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Recognizing the Signs: Strokes

In the United States, strokes are the leading cause of death and long term disability, resulting in over 130,000 deaths, and costing more than $40 billion each year. There are nearly 800,000 strokes each year in the U.S., of which over 600,000 are first time strokes. Risk factors for strokes vary widely and strokes can […]

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